all I see is black & white & red

soaking vines & sea shells

Nat(alia) ~ Londoner, queer trans girl, experimental poet, songwriter / guitarist / obsessive lyricist / (also bassist), science graduate, artistic with minimal paint/drawing/etc skills, internet addict with three-week-memory (hence LJ), resilient, empowered, proud, hopeless romantic, music obsessive (occassional DJ), gig-goer, tea drinker, coffee drinker, red wine drinker, gemini, wannabee-bookworm, transfeminist, addict to a surreal life

* * * * *

"the whole point is that there are no rewards. The pain, the depression, the loneliness are the flesh of the oyster: that's what poets taste like. And the relief is when a fleck of sand enters and the layers of pearl start building, taking your attention away from your self. There is no feedback from where we are ... nothing ahead that can throw back an echo. We sit in silence waiting for the faintest sounds,"
~ Tom Raworth, Letters from Yaddo